Kanye, Kanye, Kanye

Hey guys! You’re never going to believe this but Kanye West made a gigantic spectacle of himself at The Grammy awards last night. I know right? No way? He’s usually such a humble guy.

Yeezus (subtle right?) took to the stage as Beck was trying to accept his Grammy for Artist of the year. And what was Kanye’s message?That Beyonce should have won and Beck is a joke. Basically that’s what Kanye inferred in yet another rant based around the Brooklyn diva, who’s album was one of the most anticipated releases in 2015. In what some would consider a shocking upset, Beck won, Beyonce lost, and Kanye saw his opportunity to be the center of attention at another artists expense. You see, that’s Kanye’s thing, just ask Taylor Swift.

Kanye’s rants seem clear. If you’re a white artist that is up for the same award as Beyonce you are undeserving and Kanye will tell the world on you. You better watch out or he’ll take his toys and go home. A threat that none of us actually believe. Can you imagine Mr. West voluntarily leaving the limelight? Yeah, me either. So the next big awards show that rolls around how about we just open it up with Kanye ranting? Let’s just get it over with. Why delay the inevitable? Let him do his rant thing then maybe some other artists can get the recognition they deserve.

Congratulations Beck, the only Loser here is Kanye.